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Author:Exeviruses Hit: Update:2013-1-3 19:37:27


Newest Sample Submit:2013-1-3 19:37:27

Detected Or Reported Times:

(89).exe Description: (89).exe was first detected on 12.06.2012 and was consider unsafe, File type: maleware. File Size: 37K bytes, File Path: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\(89).exe, Latest samples received on 2013.01.03, Advice: Remove (89).exe as a threat. The (89).exe has the following beheavor:
Get the email address or personal information
Terminated as a Process
Process Hijacking
interrogate with security products in infected systems and resists
Process Hijacking
Executed as a Process with different process name
This Process can sends MIME Email
Executes a Process
This Process can sends MIME Email
Infector file which modifies program files to include a copy of the infection

(89).exe related file as following:






Infected Reported Locate:

United Kindom

Infeced Operate System:

Windows 98

Windows 2000 Professional

Windows Server 2003

(89).exe Removal instructions:

1.Use Task Manager to terminate (89).exe programs process.

2.Delete the original (89).exe files and (89).exe created files.

3.Delete the system registry key parameter (89).exe created.

4.Delete the IE temporary files (%Temp%).

5.Update your antivirus databases and perform a full scan of the computer.

Following to seek help for remove (89).exe

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